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Now you can use the secret structure of the internet to “automatically” attract the highest quality traffic sources that will still be sending traffic to your website ten years from now, having an easy internet life style you never dreamed of before… While increasing your profits from Multiple effective traffic sources… and if you’re like most internet marketers, if getting more traffic to your website the next time you add content to your site sounds Impossible? Not if you believe what seasoned internet marketers and successful Newbies are saying…

If you’ve ever wanted to drive traffic to your website with the explosive power of a ten thousand visitors a day (even doubling the SEO traffic to your website in one month)… while getting all of your content syndicated and distributed like its nude photos of Paris Hilton… then this will be the most important message you’ve read.

Here is what this is all about: My name is Michael Bashi, and until very recently I was your basic “newbie”. I had a love – hate relationship with internet marketing. Some days I’d be getting traffic, making money, maybe even getting sales through my email list… while the next day I’d be in traffic hell – struggling just to get a trickle of visitors.

Doesn’t it drive you crazy? I had no way of controlling the traffic I got at all, even after over a year of working at it regularly. No way to tell what each attempt would bring. And it wasn’t lack of trying either – I’d easily dropped over thirty thousand dollars having “pros” tell me what the so called secret methods for traffic generation were. If only I’d make some content, get the right keywords and would get some back links at juuust the right websites…

Yea right.

Fortunately I’m The Kind Of Guy Who Just Doesn’t Know When To Quit !
That’s when I went back hard at work and started tearing every single thing I had learned apart and reassembling all the pieces my way figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Only then I started seeing very little results and kept ramping my results based on methods that were and still is working til this day.
I Finally:
  • Gotten over 1000% more visitors, where I previously struggled to get a few dozen visitors, I now got hundreds… and even thousands of visitors everyday – and it was surprisingly easy!
  • Lowered my advertising cost to a fifth of what it previously cost me, allowing me to reap huge profits
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Plus, incredibly..
I Went From $0 From My Website To $20,385 In Sales In Less Than One Month From Using My Methods !

And it just gets better and better! I had dramatically less stress about getting customers for my business… and I became absolutely dominant on the search engines, going after every keyword as if I had a magic key to the top of any page on Google.

But it’s not magic at all! You see, my discoveries had almost nothing to do with luck… and everything to do with the amazing new system I developed over the course of eight years. I call it “The Traffic Maverick”, and I came up with it while struggling to make all of my secrets and knowledge into an easier system for me to use. Back then, I was already deeply versed in internet marketing. Yet my business – and the way I generated traffic – was about to change forever.

The Traffic Maverick Program

I was actually laughed at for saying I could succeed at internet marketing… until they saw me skyrocket a business’s sales for one of my private clients with some of the lowest cost per lead they had ever seen using my system, while running everything on auto-pilot allowing it to be a 24/7 cash machine! Imagine how it must of looked to the business people? This geeky young guy going in to show all these veteran businessmen how to run their businesses. They were sure I was going to fail miserably…

But I didn’t. In fact, I made the system so effective, and so easy to use… in a flush of insight I saw the truth…

Getting Traffic Online Doesn’t Require Any Tactics, Tricks Or Special Software, All It Requires Is Knowing How To Engineer A Few Key Principles To Get Any Website Landslides Of Traffic !
I get hoards of traffic daily, because I didn’t try to use any “tricks” – I will explain exactly why later – that I was able to supercharge traffic and sales by using the secret framework of the internet to rig and then explode my websites with massive traffic. And these methods will most likely continue to work 10 years from now, because they rely on principles about the internet, which is fundamental and does not change. So my strategies work regardless of whether you want to use them one month from now… or five years from now!

The “Traffic Maverick” system that I developed is so simple, yet so effective, that anyone – anyone – can use it to turn their traffic generation into a predictable, reliable customer getting weapon. With what you’ve learned already combined with these principles ,your traffic and sales only increases dramatically… giving you complete domination over the search engines… and your competition!

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How can a simple system do this for you? It’s easy because this new system…
Uses The Way The internet Works To Rig Your Website For Automatic Traffic With Enough Rock-Solid Traffic Sources To Keep Customers Coming In Day In And Day Out

Anyway, there’s a very good reason I’m telling you all this. You see, for years these secrets were kept completely underground… In fact, to find out the deep, dark framework underlying the internet, could take you years to discover – meaning that it would have cost you at least a couple of years plus tens of thousands of dollars to figure this system out for yourself. I am perhaps…

One Of The Most Underground Unknown Traffic GENIUSES That Silently Brings In Massive Traffic Day In And Day out

And I would have gone on silently keeping these secrets to massive traffic (that most gurus simply won’t tell you about) to myself, if I hadn’t been convincing myself over the years of a simple fact: If I would make videos of myself teaching “The Traffic Maverick” system… and sell these videos to people for a small fee… I knew within a year’s time, so many people worldwide would buy the videos that I would make a lot of money, and people would actually know how to generate traffic! You see, I hate those junky, scammy traffic generation information I see being sold online. It drives me up the walls. So I finally convinced myself to come out with a real system for generating serious traffic.

I was finally convinced…well… sort of. I made a promise to myself: I would “test” this low-cost offer to some people, and if it did well, I would continue. If it didn’t though…

I Would Take Away The Videos Forever And Go Back To Silently Building A Traffic Generation Empire

That means, if your reading this, the deal is on right now! This is a very exciting package… designed so you don’t risk one red cent checking it out for yourself. What you get is the absolute BEST XXX of my most valuable traffic secrets.

Packed into these outstanding videos is everything you need to know to master
“The Traffic Maverick” system as fast as possible. There is nothing missing… you get the same things that I teach personally over my highly expensive consultations… with the huge advantage of having it all structured and on video, so you can go through each part step-by-step, and reference back to anything you need.

Here are some of the amazing things you’ll discover…

module 1

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PLUS: With a special segment of “Advanced Secrets” you’ll get to see how already succeeding websites with traffic can immediately increase the amount of traffic they get and adopt “The Traffic Maverick” system for shocking page rank, backlinks, and search engine rankings… and how a complete newbie can see his website traffic blast up overnight!

Are other internet marketers any different than you? No, they are not. They represent seasoned pros, brand new beginners, and knowledgeable marketers making their big break, all with the same passion and skills you bring to the online business world.

The only thing you have to do is put your doubts aside… and give this new system a try. If you too, can simply put your doubts aside for a small period of time, you can see for yourself just what it’s like to go from 0 to 48,000 visitors in 4 days… treat the first page of Google like taking candy from a baby… and build powerful website traffic so fast your competition will be downright afraid to go head to head with you!

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Get This Entire System For A Fraction Of What Other People Would Charge You !

Listen: A lot of guys are going to be furious with me for sharing this ultra-powerful system with you… especially because you won’t even be paying part of what most gurus ask for, and their systems suck! Heck I’ll probably lose some private clients high paying clients since my secret is out in this program for a fraction of what I charge my private clients.

Tough cookies. It’s been kept underground for far too long. Oh, it’ll be quite a while before you see everyone and their dog using this system – after all most internet marketers have invested too much time and energy with their current way of doing things to even spend a dime on something new… even if it’s a simple system that will change their lives! That’s just the way people are, which of course, is GOOD NEWS FOR YOU !

Besides – if you’ve stayed with me this far, you’re not like most internet marketers.

So this is what the deal is: Click on the link below and order RIGHT NOW. You can use your credit card or PayPal – its fast, easy, and secure… ten times more secure than using a credit card at a coffee shop!

The Traffic Maverick Program


The price is just $197. This price wouldn’t even buy you ¼ of most people’s courses. What you are getting is what the so-called gurus charge you $1,997 for. Yet for a few dollars you can own “The Traffic Maverick” system for yourself… with these videos which reveal to you everything you’d learn talking to me over the phone and much more!  Listen, I know what it’s like to start out with nothing, and I hate to see you give your right arm just to own this system. My philosophy is to give you my outstanding traffic sucking system at the lowest cost I can possibly sell it for without without looking or giving off the vibe that it is a cheap a program. So be WARNED: Don’t let the LOW PRICE FOOL YOU FOR ONE SECOND !

That, my friend, is one hell of a bargain for someone who is serious about succeeding online. What’s more is that the money is actually quite irrelevant because you get an…

8 week guarnatee

The Traffic Maverick Program


So order right now. You have nothing to lose… and you are going to be so, so happy with your results online once you put the system to use!


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